Working via Suited

Suited enjoys working with freelancers, both Operational Managers and Specialists. In addition to having a network of independent (Suited-affiliated) professionals, we are always looking for new relationships.

Why working via Suited?
At Suited, the designers (Operational Management) and implementers (Specialists) of strategy come together and thereby provide opportunities, network and knowledge sharing. You will remain independent and able to make your own choices, but you are not alone.

We treat our clients, professionals and affiliated freelancers in a respectful way. We set great store in honoring commitments and being transparent. This accounts for all phases in the relationship; the personal contact, the contract and the financial settlement. To emphasize this, we take care of contracts in accordance with the ISO 4400-1 standard and we guarantee that our Account Manager represents the mutual interests.

Are you Suited?
Do you want to be part of the Suited network? Do not hesitate to contact us.