Working for Suited

We are always looking to expand our team with qualified and skilled professionals, both in the fields of Operational Management and Specialists.

Personal development
We greatly value the development of our professionals, whether this means supporting you while working for one of our clients or job-relevant education and training. We are engaged in providing you with additional training or practical and constructive guidance that will give a boost your personal development.

We don’t work with fixed pay scales: a monthly salary is determined based on education, skills and market value. A market-rate salary is therefore the least you can expect from us.

In short
Working for Suited provides you with: the opportunity to work for an open, transparent organization where people actually listen to your ideas, excellent benefits, a personal mobility scheme and structural monitoring programs. We provide the budget, you list your priorities.

Are you Suited?
Apply for one of our vacancies or make an open application. We look forward to meet you!